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Do you need help with your online marketing campaign?

Have you been posting updates on your social media accounts but you can’t get results from your efforts?

Do you find it difficult to find time to write a blog post or create a monthly e-newsletter?

Do you need someone to support the promotion of your brand, build an audience and generate more leads?

If you find yourself answering YES to any of the above questions, I can help you!

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My name is Kelly, and I’m a marketing consultant, I specialise in email marketing, social media, and blogging. My mission is to be the bridge that connects my clients to their target audience. I do this by creating real connections and develop lasting relationships.

Many business owners are overwhelmed with online marketing. For them, it's rocket science. My job is to explain what's needed to maintain a good online presence in a way that you can understand by not using any technical jargon to impress you. 

I have been in the marketing field for nearly 15 years and I’ve had my fair share of failures and success. The experience I've gained from my years in the industry has given me the knowledge and wisdom to come up with the best online marketing strategy that best suits the needs of the client.

I have worked with clients from various industries that include dog grooming, electronics, beauty, skincare, fashion, events, and a lot more. I have worked with large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and global brands. Whether you are an individual or part of an organisation, I am here to help you with your online marketing needs.